2022 ACLC Retreat Workshop Powerpoints

Everything Old is New Again: Re-imagining Life in the Classroom After Two Years of the PandemicDr. Jessica Fede & Dr. Jonathan Mosko, Johnson & Wales University – Keynote Speech. Dr. Jessica Fede and Dr. Jonathan Mosko, psychology professors at Johnson & Wales University and licensed psychologists, as well as faculty members in the first-year learning community program at Johnson & Wales, bring their professional expertise as well as their personal experiences to this year’s keynote address, which aims to bring us from tailspin to reimagined landscapes. This talk is an opportunity to explore how 2+ years of pandemic-related changes have impacted higher education in general and learning communities in particular. Dr. Mosko and Dr. Fede will examine changes at the “micro” and “macro” level to our classroom culture, use of technology, assignments, and ways of interacting with our students. This session will prominently feature audience participation and discussion.

Creating and Sustaining Learning Communities Brad Hollingshead, Florida Southern College and Terry Novak, Johnson & Wales University – Wondering how to begin learning communities on your campus? Wondering how to re-energize existing learning communities? Brad Hollingshead and Terry Novak will lead you through the process of imagining and re-imagining learning communities following proven strategies and using personal experience—as well as a healthy dose of humor!

Harnessing Wrap-around Success: Reaching the Whole StudentGeorge J. Hill, Kingsborough Community College – How do we help students solve challenges outside the classroom that can affect their academic performance? In this session, we’ll discuss ways that Learning Communities can connect with partners on campus and develop peer mentor programs to help support students beyond the classroom.